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What makes a good potting shed?

What makes a good potting shed?

18 March 2024

You’re in the market for a wooden potting shed but you’re not sure what features to look for in a good one. Read our guide to find out exactly what you need.

A wooden potting shed is a great addition to any garden where space or budget does not allow a shed and a greenhouse. The perfect spot for setting seeds and potting seedlings on, as well as for taking refuge from the rain, a potting shed offers great storage for gardening tools and equipment. But what should you look for in a potting shed? Potting Shed Fun gives a great insight into how one of our own family members has developed and used her potting shed. Ideally, a good potting shed will accommodate three distinct areas – a storage area, a work station and somewhere to sit and relax. Additionally, the following should be considered…

What size potting shed

When choosing your potting shed, it’s important to consider how you will use it. What kind of space will you need for plants and vegetables, and how much storage do you need for tools? Ideally, your potting shed will be big enough for what you need, without taking over your garden. At Sutton Sheds, we offer 5 sizes of standard wooden potting shed – 7x5, 8x6, 10x6, 8x8, and 10x8. However, if you have a bespoke size in mind for your specific requirement, we also offer a custom build service where we can build to your own specifications. 

Windows and ventilation in potting sheds

A potting shed needs not only adequate, natural lighting for plants to grow, with large windows to make the most of sunny days, but also solid walls to retain heat and provide shade. All our standard potting sheds have three solid walls (with the door in one gable end) and windows along one entire side, glazed with fixed panes of 4mm clear glass, bedded on silicon and beaded. Our potting sheds are available with or without vents.

A potting bench

A practical work bench where you can tend seedlings and plants is essential. Your potting bench should be strong and sturdy and the correct height to avoid back strain when working at it. If you will be sitting at the bench to work, have the height adjusted to accommodate your chair or stool. The space beneath the workbench is useful storage for larger containers and tubs.

Shelving and storage

A good potting shed will provide enough space for practical and functional storage solutions. Open shelving is perfect for holding plant pots and smaller tools, while ladders and larger equipment can hang from hooks.


A considered purchase for gardeners, a potting shed must be made from quality, durable materials. This will give it the best possible start to endure all that our Great British weather will throw at it and will ensure you get the maximum lifespan from it.

Wooden potting sheds from Sutton Sheds

At Sutton Sheds all our wooden potting sheds are manufactured using only quality tongue and groove redwood in a choice of cladding profiles. Your potting shed will be treated with a water-based preservative for long lasting protection and water resistance, and can be finished in one of 80 colour options. We can work with you to create the perfect interior layout, creating distinct areas for work, storage and relaxing, or you can choose from one of our 5 standard sizes.

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