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The benefits of a potting shed

The benefits of a potting shed

22 January 2024

As thoughts turn to the new growing season that’s just around the corner, our latest guide examines the benefits of a wooden potting shed.

In our comprehensive guide to buying a potting shed, we looked at the features of a potting shed and discussed reasons for choosing one. Here, we discuss what the addition of a potting shed can bring to you and your garden.

The perfect combination of greenhouse and garden shed

Where space is at a premium and you don’t have enough room for a greenhouse and a shed, a potting shed is the solution! The best of both worlds, a potting shed has a timber construction, like a shed, but a vast expanse of glass, just like a greenhouse.

Warmth and shelter all year round

Much warmer in winter than a greenhouse, a potting shed’s timber construction keeps cold air out and warm air in, providing the perfect conditions to overwinter sensitive plants. It will also provide a climate controlled environment for you to work in, whatever the weather outside.

A cosy hideaway

Sometimes we need to take five and just step away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, and a place to escape to is a must. A wooden potting shed can be just that – a quiet haven to retreat to, in order to recharge your batteries.

An ideal environment for propagation and planting

With the consistent year-round environment a potting shed can provide, and the abundance of natural light and warmth the glazing lets in, your plants can have the best possible start in life. Having somewhere to propagate your seeds also means you won’t have to clutter up windowsills and worktops in your home with endless seed trays.

Potting sheds provide lots of storage

A potting shed is a great source of versatile storage for pots, seed trays, soil and gardening hand tools. Depending on the size and configuration of the potting shed, you can even store larger tools and pieces of equipment. Be creative with storage solutions too – the timber framework of a potting shed is ideal for hooks to hang things from and installing shelving will provide lots of space.

Potting sheds can be multipurpose

Where a greenhouse really only serves one purpose, a wooden potting shed offers versatility and choice. In Potting shed fun, read how one happy customer transformed her potting shed into a multipurpose space she could use for propagating, planting, candle making, furniture painting, entertaining the grandchildren, and so much more. What would you use yours for?

Potting sheds help you be organised

Having all your gardening equipment and supplies in one, well-organised space will make it easier for you to work efficiently. You will be able to keep everything in order which will save time and energy not having to look for misplaced tools.

Potting sheds are an attractive addition to any garden

A wooden potting shed really is a thing of beauty, with its perfect combination of quality timber and glazing. Aesthetically pleasing, a potting shed will add an understated charm to any style of garden.

Potting sheds are customisable

There is nothing to say that your wooden potting shed has to come in a set size or shape and the wonderful thing is they can be customised or bespoke designed and built to your exact requirements. Need an annexe where children can play under your watchful eye while you work? No problem. Need a recess for built in shelving? Just ask. Need two access points? Just say where. Whatever your particular needs, a potting shed can be designed to satisfy them all.

Potting sheds from Sutton Sheds

At Sutton Sheds, our standard wooden potting sheds are offered in 5 popular sizes with a choice of matching or loglap redwood cladding. Featuring a large glass front with bench beneath, these are the perfect place to potter or craft. If you have something more specific in mind, or need a different size, contact the team on 01526 342777 or email us to discuss our bespoke, custom builds.


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