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10x6 Potting Shed

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10x6-pottingshed 10x6-pottingshed-door 10x6-pottingshed-bench 10x6-pottingshed-internal-vent 10x6-pottingshed-external-vent 10x6-pottingshed-loglap Matching 10x6 Potting Shed (POT10x6-16)

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Total cost  £1370


Your SuttonSheds Potting shed will be manufactured in our workshop at Coningsby, using planed 34mm x 44mm (finished size) framing, rounded on all 4 corners with no more than 600mm spaces between bearers and angle braces used where necessary.  
It will be clad with your choice of either, 16mm tongued and grooved Matching Board or 20mm tongued and grooved LogLap Board.  
Floors and roofs are also clad with tongued and grooved 16mm Matching Board for strength and longevity and finished with a quality 20kg polyester roofing felt. The polyester based felt has a life expectancy of 10-15yrs. Our Potting sheds come with a fixed bench, running the length of the windows. Please get in touch if you would like the door in the opposite gable.


Timber-Cladding choice of:
Quality Tongued and Grooved Matching Redwood 16mm X 120mm; (finished sizes) or
Quality Tongued and Grooved Loglap/Barrel Board Redwood 20mm X 95mm (finished sizes)
Framing: Planed with all 4 corners rounded  34mm X 44mm (finished sizes)
Floor: Tongued and Grooved Matching 16mm X 120mm
Roof: Tongued and Grooved Matching 16mm X 120mm
          20kg Quality Polyester Felt
Nails: Galvanised ring shanked.
Joints: Any angles other than 90° are mitred for strength and neatness then screwed rather than nailed to produce a much stronger building.
Windows: Fixed panes of 4mm clear glass, bedded on silicon and beaded.
Doors:  Ledged and Braced. 
Hardware – Black 12” Tee hinges, turn buttons and a hasp and staple fastening ready for a padlock.
Height:    External – 7′1” sloping down to 6′4''. Internal – 6’ 9’’ sloping to 6’ 1’’
Assembly: Sections Screwed together from the inside.                                                                                          Felt finished on site.

Delivery and Installation

Deliveries and installations are done by our own team, always including a family member to ensure quality control of the finished product.

The building prices include free delivery and installation within a 25mile radius, enter your postcode at checkout to ensure you are within our radius.  If you are further afield please contact us for a quote.

Access – we need unrestricted access with a minimum of 7’6” height and 2’ width to allow the team to carry the sections to your base. 
Parking – we deliver with a van and trailer and need space to park either on your property or on the road next to your property. 

Notification – you will be given a week of delivery when you place an order and then we will agree a mutually convenient day and time with you in the week prior. 

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