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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of the questions we are most commonly asked. If you have queries that aren't listed below please get in touch via the Contact Us page where we'll be happy to help out.

Shed specifications

Does my shed need a base?
Your shed includes a timber floor boarded with 16mm tongued and grooved matching. It needs a firm level base to be sited on. The floor needs to sit on either concrete, slabs or floor bearers to ensure air can circulate under it. For small garden sheds which are used to simply store garden tools and light items – floor bearers are adequate. For larger sheds or where heavy items are to be stored – a slab base is better. 
Please contact us for more information - we work with local trades who can supply a base for you.   
Why are your sheds constructed with tongued and grooved loglap?
We only use tongued and grooved boarding as the inter locking profile ensures the timber does not pull apart. Timber is a natural product and shrinks and swells with temperature and moisture fluctuations. Overlap boarding can easily pull apart creating gaps, whereas tongued and grooved boarding will not pull apart completely. 
What sort of preservative do you use?
We use a high quality water based preservative from Protek, standard on all our buildings. This gives a superior water repelling finish while leaving the grain to show through, protecting your building from the elements. As with all external timber, your building will benefit from regular re-treatment, we recommend annually.
We can also offer a spirit based preserver.
Is there a choice of colours for my building?
Our standard preservative comes in golden brown. We sell Protek's range of colour's if you would like to choose something different. 
When will my building need re treating?
Your shed will have had one coat of treatment during manufacture. As with all timber products it will benefit from regular re-treatment. 

Deliver queries

Where do you deliver to?
We offer free delivery to most of Lincolnshire. Please add you post code to the checkout to see if your within our delivery area.  
Placing an order
On placing an order with us you will receive a copy of the order form, either by email if you order over the phone or a photocopy if you order in person. These are the details we will use to make your building, it is your responsibility to check the order form is correct. If you wish to amend the order anytime before we start manufacturing, we will amend the order form and email you the new copy for you to approve. 
How will my shed be delivered?
Your shed will be delivered flat packed on a flat bed trailer towed by a medium sized van. We are 10m (30') long and 2.5m (8') wide. 
Upon arrival we will ask you to show us the route to be taken to install your shed and the orientation of the building.
Do I need to supply power?
We are completely battery powered and will not need to use mains power.

Payment and terms of sale

Payment queries
We can accept card payments online but if you would like to pay by cash, cheque or a bank transfer please get in touch. 
All our prices include Vat, delivery and installation.
Lead times
Our lead time varies through the year, usually around 6 – 8 weeks. 
Failed Installations
It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange an appropriate base for the building. If the base is unprepared or inadequate for your purchased building and if installation has not been cancelled prior to delivery, the building will be left with the customer for self-assembly.

It is possible to arrange a re-installation for a later date; however, an extra charge will be imposed.
We can only accept cancellations on standard building, up until 3 weeks prior to delivery and will always incur a £50 charge.

On larger and custom buildings please contact us at the earliest convenience, a refund will depend on materials bought for your building. 
Product Maintenance
Wood is a natural material and carries unique characteristics. This results in no two pieces being the same in appearance.

Whilst we endeavour to make sure all sections are as equal to one another as possible, it’s inevitable there may be misalignment from time to time. This is normally caused by thermal expansion/contraction and with the boards made in different batches, this cannot be remedied. In action to this, we supply cover strips which take the eye away from cladding that doesn’t match perfectly.

Door adjustments are the responsibility of the customer and may be required during time to time. This is simply due to the expansion and contraction of the material during seasons however over time this will settle.

We use a 20kg polyester roofing felt, this has a life expectancy of 10-15yrs but is not guaranteed. The life of the felt will be affected by, but not limited to, weather conditions and animal damage.

To prolong the life of your shed you should give it a coat of preservative each year.
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