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A comprehensive guide to buying a potting shed

A comprehensive guide to buying a potting shed

13 November 2023

For gardening enthusiasts who enjoy growing and cultivating fruit, flowers and vegetables, a potting shed is a great investment. Our guide tells you all about them.

What is a potting shed?

When the gardens of the aristocracy and the upper classes housed kitchen gardens and staff worked to grow produce for the estate’s family, a potting shed was where gardeners would plan the forthcoming season’s work. It was in the potting shed that planting schemes were worked out, and where seeds were raised, cuttings taken, and plants propagated. The perfect combination of shed and greenhouse, a potting shed provided shelter from bad weather, and storage for gardening equipment and supplies.

Wooden potting sheds Vs. greenhouses

The main difference between a potting shed and a greenhouse is the glass! A greenhouse is made entirely of panes of glass for maximum light, and is where plants can grow protected from outdoor conditions. While a potting shed is also used for growing, it is often used for storage and, by contrast, will be manufactured from timber with some windows, and a work area or bench.

Reasons to choose a wooden potting shed

  • Today’s gardens don’t always have enough room for a greenhouse and a garden shed, so a potting shed is the perfect compromise.
  • A wooden potting shed can be configured to suit your needs. Where a greenhouse’s glass construction can make it difficult to have tall shelving, a potting shed offers the scope for tall shelves and the space for plenty of hanging storage too.
  • The timber construction of a potting shed will enable you to extend your growing season into the autumn and winter, and will provide a great place to overwinter delicate plants.
  • Some people use a potting shed as a multi-functional space, with areas for growing and for pursuing other practical hobbies such as crafting. Our article Potting Shed Fun gives a wonderfully evocative insight into how to use a potting shed to its best.

Choosing a potting shed

You may have a list of essential features you are looking for in a wooden potting shed but if not, consider the windows and whether they will let in enough light, the means of ventilating the potting shed to control the temperature, and if the workbench is the right height for you. If your potting shed is also going to be a sanctuary for you away from the world, is it big enough to accommodate a chair? And will it be big enough to store everything you want to keep in it? Also check that you will be able to lock the potting shed effectively to keep the contents secure.

Wooden potting sheds from Sutton Sheds

At Sutton Sheds, our standard wooden potting sheds are available in a choice of sizes ranging from our small potting shed at 7x5 up to our 10x8 potting shed. All sizes have the same configuration and specification, and are constructed from your choice of tongue and grooved matching cladding boards or tongue and grooved loglap cladding boards. Rooves are finished with quality roofing felt and each potting shed has a fixed bench running across the entire window span. A hasp and staple fastening is provided, ready for a padlock to be installed.

Bespoke potting sheds from Sutton Sheds

Of course, if you have something much more personalised in mind for your potting shed – shelving, extra access, or even a small add-on for other hobbies – we are happy to custom-build to your exact requirements. In addition to our wooden potting sheds, we have been providing quality timber sheds in Lincolnshire for over 40 years and we always work with our customers to achieve exactly what they are looking for. To chat to us about your potting shed requirements, email us or call our friendly team on 01526 342777.


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