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How to organise a wooden potting shed

How to organise a wooden potting shed

22 April 2024

Organising a garden potting shed to maximise the space it offers is essential to get the best from it. Here are our top storage and space-saving tips for your potting shed.

Standard potting sheds from Sutton Sheds

For any keen gardener, the benefits of a potting shed are numerous and at Sutton Sheds, we have been supplying gardeners in Lincolnshire with spaces to sow, nurture, and propagate fruit, vegetables and flowers for over 30 years. Our standard potting sheds are available in 5 sizes from a 7X5 potting shed to suit more modestly sized gardens, up to a 10X8 potting shed for the larger plot. A pent roof maintains the maximum headroom along the longest side which is fully glazed along the entire width. The potting sheds are fitted with a deep work bench along the width of the windows to make the most of the sunlight, with plenty of storage space underneath. Externally, the potting sheds offer a maximum height of 7’1” which slopes to 6’4”, while internally the maximum height is 6’9” at the window side, sloping to 6’1” at the back of the shed.

We’ve picked up a few tips from customers over the years and we think that the following are great ways to add storage to your standard Sutton Sheds potting shed.

  • Keep items that need to be stored to a minimum by having a really good clear out. Throw out empty soil bags and empty cans or tins of gardening supplies. Check over tools and be ruthless – if you have several hand forks and trowels, for example, discard or donate any that have seen better days.  
  • Install a shelving system – a potting shed can be expected to house lots of well, pots and making the most of your vertical space by installing a shelving system will help to keep the floor clear which will make the potting shed feel organised, tidier, and less cluttered.
  • Utilise the space on the underside of solid shelves too. All the tiny bits and pieces that gardeners keep ‘just in case’ such as gardening twine, labels, small tools, nails, screws, cup hooks (the list is endless), can be kept in small lidded jars. Simply glue the lids to the underside of the shelves before screwing the jars into the lids to form suspended storage. In this way both sides of the shelf will be utilised. Remember though to use shallow jars and to keep weight to a minimum.
  • Storage bins with lids can be stored under your work bench and are the perfect way to store soil, fertiliser, sand or perlite. This keeps them self contained and the potting shed clear of opened bags that can topple over and spill easily. Keeping them under the work bench means they are to hand and ready for potting and airtight lids will ensure the contents remain free from damp.
  • Fix a pegboard to an internal wall and use S-clips and hooks to hang small items and tools.
  • A horizontal coat rail is a great way to store long tools such as rakes and spades. It keeps them safe and off the floor, giving you more space to work.
  • For items that would normally live on the floor but that may be too large to keep on shelves, consider suspending them from hooks in the ceiling. This is a great solution for baskets and trugs which will hang out of the way from the roof beams.
  • Use every inch of space, and that includes both the inside of your potting shed and the outside. Adding trellis to the outside of your potting shed allows you to suspend an overflow of pots and containers from hooks.

Of course, our standard potting sheds may not be quite what you had in mind, or you might have a very clear idea of what your potting shed needs to offer. If that is the case, then think about a bespoke potting shed.

Bespoke potting sheds from Sutton sheds

We can work with you to bring your vision to life! Need another work bench? No problem. Need us to insulate it for you? Of course! Would you like guttering to feed rainwater into a water butt for plants? Consider it done! We can even install storage if that’s what you’d like.

To discuss any aspect of our garden potting sheds or to chat to a member of the team about how we can help you, please email us or call on 01526 342777.


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