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How to keep your shed secure

How to keep your shed secure

15 February 2024

A popular target for thieves, wooden garden sheds often contain valuable belongings, tools and equipment. It makes sense, then, to keep them secure and in our latest blog post, we tell you how.

There are several steps that can be taken to keep your garden sheds as thief-proof as possible, and when ordering from Sutton Sheds, we can talk through the following with you:

Where to site your shed

Think carefully about where your new shed will go. The location should accommodate the foundations you will need for the shed but, where you have a choice, always pick a spot that can be seen from the house but not the road. If the presence of a shed is not immediately obvious, would-be thieves may not realise you have one!

Shed hinges and locks

It goes without saying that your shed should have a strong and efficient padlock but think about the hinges too. They need to be strong and secured with bolts to deter thieves from removing them. Our wooden pent sheds and apex sheds are constructed using strong 12-inch tee hinges as well as turn buttons to hold the door closed. They are also supplied fitted with a hasp and staple fastening as standard, ready for a padlock, but of course we have other locks available and are happy to discuss your exact requirements.

Shed windows

At Sutton Sheds, we have been supplying sheds in Lincolnshire for over 30 years and, as standard, all our wooden pent sheds and apex sheds are fitted with fixed panes of 3mm toughened glass, bedded on silicon and beaded. Security sheets or privacy spray can be applied easily post-installation, to all our windows to keep the contents of the shed safe from prying eyes. Alternatively, if you require a different configuration for your windows – perhaps preferring small security windows for example – our custom build service allows you to personalise your shed to your specific requirements.

Secure items inside the shed

Internal storage such as cupboards or drawers should be lockable and always locked when you are not in the shed. Power tools or freestanding equipment should be bike-locked together to make removal difficult or consider securing items of value to ring bolts on the walls or floor. Your local crime prevention unit can also advise on security coding items.

Security lighting and alarms

Does your home have a burglar alarm or motion sensitive lighting to the exterior of the property? Then consider similar for your shed, as well as a CCTV system. All will act as a deterrent and just might stop the would-be thief before they get very far.

Garden shed insurance

Insure your shed and its contents for peace of mind and to help towards the cost of replacing everything should the worst happen. In the first instance, check your building and contents insurance as your shed and its contents may be covered against theft and accidental damage. If you are unsure, a quick call to your insurers will help.

Secure Lincolnshire Sheds from Sutton Sheds

Our family run business has been building and supplying sheds in Lincolnshire for over thirty years, and we understand how important the security of your shed is. Our skilled tradesmen will work with you to incorporate extra safety features where required, and we are happy to advise on the best position for your shed. Whether you prefer a wooden pent shed or an apex shed, all our sheds and workshops are built to the highest standard using only quality materials. For more information, or to discuss what you need from your shed, please contact us by email or phone on 01526 342777.


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