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What foundations do I need for my shed?

What foundations do I need for my shed?

18 October 2023

All new sheds need a solid foundation to rest upon if they are to last. We look at the options available and tell you everything you need to know.

Something to consider before buying a new shed is where you will position it and what it will stand on; does your shed even need a foundation and if so, what type?

Do all sheds need foundations?

All sheds should have foundations, although the smallest will sit safely on a level patio or driveway. If installing a shed without foundations, place the shed so it is not covering or restricting drain covers and access points to utilities.

Types of foundations for a shed

There is a choice of foundation materials for a wooden shed and the choice depends on personal preference, with some options requiring much more preparation.

Paving slab foundations for a shed

Installing your shed onto a base of paving slabs requires preparation; the slabs cannot be placed directly onto bare, soft ground and need to be positioned onto a sub-base. A sub-base serves to spread the load placed on it evenly across an area and is usually made up of aggregate such as broken stone and bricks. Individual paving slabs should be cemented onto the sub-base and should be separated by spacers 5-10mm wide. Use a spirit level as you go to make sure each slab is level with the next. Paving slabs must always be laid onto well compacted ground, away from anything that could disturb them over time (tree roots) and crack them.

Concrete foundations for a shed

As with paving slabs, a concrete base also needs a sub-base, but will also require a formwork (supporting framework)until it sets. For large areas, divide the space into smaller sections as concrete will start to set within a few hours. Once the cement has been poured, rake it so that the level is higher than the formwork by approximately 15-20mm. Compact the cement with a tamping board, removing any excess and smoothing the surface. Any exposed edges should be rounded off to avoid chipping or breakage before covering the concrete with a plastic sheet raised slightly off the concrete’s surface. This can be removed once the concrete has set, along with the formwork and your shed installed.

Wooden foundations for a shed

A wooden foundation is constructed very similarly to garden decking, with brackets used on the inside of the framework to give stability. The timber frame is attached to spikes in the ground, allowing it to be raised slightly above the surface of the ground. In this way, a timber foundation is an ideal solution where sheds are to be installed on uneven ground.

Foundations for a Sutton Shed

At Sutton Sheds, we do not offer foundation bases for our installations but highly recommend that your shed be installed on a solid foundation – the lifespan and durability of your shed depends on it resting on a solid foundation capable of bearing the weight of the shed plus its entire contents!

When you order a wooden pent shed or an apex shed from us, if you do not have the confidence to install your own foundations, we can recommend a reputable and highly trusted contractor who can help, who we have worked with for several years. For more information or for any enquiries about sheds in Lincolnshire, email our friendly staff today or give us a call on 01526 342777.


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