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Does my shed have to be insured?

Does my shed have to be insured?

11 December 2023

The cost of your shed coupled with the value of its contents can represent a significant financial loss if you are burgled. We look at what insurance you need and other steps to keep your shed secure.

Insuring your garden shed

Most insurance companies include an outbuilding and shed insurance clause as standard with standard home buildings insurance. However, this is worth checking with your insurers and, for tenants who are not responsible for buildings insurance, it is particularly important to ask your landlord what insurance they have in place.

Insuring your shed contents

Many home contents insurance policies will include a basic level of cover for items stored in sheds up to a certain value but this will vary from company to company so, again, check with your insurers to see what their standard policy includes. Individual companies will also differ with regard to accidental damage for shed contents, so you will need to ask for a specific quote if you are looking for this type of cover.

Having the correct insurance in place for your shed is important as it will help to cover the cost of replacing items lost. However, there are steps you can take to prevent the loss from happening in the first place!

Where to position your shed

Try to position your shed in such a way that it can be seen from your property but not from the road – where a potential burglar cannot immediately see a shed, they will not go looking and will assume you don’t have one.

Locks and hinges

Hinges should be fitted with extra-long screws and you should invest in a strong lock. At Sutton Sheds, our standard wooden pent sheds and apex sheds are supplied with 12” tee hinges, turn buttons, and a hasp and staple fastening ready to take a padlock. Shackle padlocks are a good choice for a shed as they will offer a safeguard against cropping or hacksawing attempts.  

Secure equipment and tools in the shed

All internal storage such as cupboards and drawers should be lockable, and they should always be locked when the shed is unoccupied. Secure high-value power tools and freestanding equipment to ring bolts in the floor or walls and consider bike-locking several items together to make it difficult to remove them.

Sheds in Lincolnshire from Sutton Sheds

At Sutton Sheds, all our standard wooden pent sheds and apex sheds are securely constructed by our team of skilled craftsmen, using quality materials of the highest standard. Mitred angles give extra strength and these are screwed rather than nailed, for added security. When assembling the sheds, we screw sections together from the inside as a further security measure.

Security sheds from Sutton Sheds

Security sheds have features that are designed specifically with safety in mind, such as strong, security hinges and padlock protectors. At Sutton Sheds, we offer a custom-build, bespoke service where we can work with you to design a shed that ticks all your security boxes without compromising the aesthetic of the build. To find out more, please send us an email with what you have in mind or give us a call on 01526 342777 today.


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