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How to choose the best shed

How to choose the best shed

19 December 2023

Buying a new timber shed is a considered purchase and a financial investment so how do you choose the best one? Our guide has all the answers!

The choice of timber shed in today’s market can be overwhelming so if you are considering a new shed for your garden, we have put together a list of areas to think about, to help you pick the perfect one.

What will you use the shed for?

A simple enough question but the answer will help you pick the perfect shed!  Are you going to use the shed for storage (children’s toys, garden furniture, gardening equipment)? Will it be used as a workshop? Or is it just going to be a bolt hole that you can escape to when life gets a bit noisy?

How big is your garden?

How big a shed you choose may well have to be determined by your available space but at Sutton Sheds, our standard apex sheds and wooden pent sheds range in size from the modest 7X5 wooden pent shed with a single door to the 16X10 apex shed with double doors. Of course, if none of our standard sheds suit your space, our bespoke service can offer you a custom build to suit your exact requirements.

Single or double doors

Our apex sheds and wooden pent sheds are available in single door or double door options. Think about the space your shed will occupy and whether you will have the space for double doors. Next, think about what will be stored inside the shed and whether you will need to bring equipment outside. For example, larger items like ride-on mowers or garden furniture may need double doors but remember that these will take up more wall space than a single door.

Shed roof styles

There are generally three different types of shed roof in the UK – apex, reverse apex and pent roof styles. The peak of an apex shed roof runs from gable end to gable end with the door in a gable end. A reverse apex shed features the door in the longer side of the shed, rather than at the gable end. By contrast, a pent roof is flat and slopes from the front of the shed to the back. Read more about What is a pent shed and What is an apex shed in our blog.

The shed base

For your shed to last as long as possible, it needs a strong foundation provided by a solid and level base. Where a shed is positioned on an inadequate or uneven base, the shed will ‘settle’ into its foundations which can lead to cracks and leaks. There is a choice of foundations for your shed and these include concrete, paving slabs, timber and plastic. At Sutton Sheds, we do not offer foundation installation for our sheds but you can read more about the options available to you in What foundations do I need for my shed? We can also help by recommending trusted and reputable contractors with experience in installing foundations.

Choose a reliable company

Your shed is essentially an extension of your home so choose a company you can trust, that is reliable, and that has great reviews from happy customers.

Lincolnshire Sheds from Sutton Sheds

Sutton Sheds is a family owned and run business based in Lincolnshire, that spans three generations over 30 years. Our entire range of sheds and other garden buildings is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen and we use nothing but the highest quality materials. To discuss your next wooden pent shed or apex shed in Lincolnshire, contact us via email or over the telephone on 01526 342777 today.


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