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What is a pent shed?

What is a pent shed?

12 October 2023

When buying a new wooden shed, it’s important to understand the roof choices available. Our latest guide looks at the wooden pent shed.

Sheds generally have two styles of roof, the pent roof and the apex roof, both of which will create a different aesthetic for the finished shed. Here, we focus on the pent roof, in particular its features, and its benefits to the homeowner.

What is a pent shed?

Pent sheds are characterised by a sloped, flat roof sometimes referred to as a mono-pitched roof. The slope of a pent shed usually ‘goes off’ towards the back of the shed away from the door wall, with the horizontal part of the roof at the peak.

Factors to consider when buying a wooden pent shed

Your choice of shed will depend mainly on personal choice but your final decision may be influenced by certain factors so, if thinking about a pent shed, consider the following:

Drainage in pent sheds

The slope of the roof allows rainwater to drain away easily, away from the entrance of the shed. The mono-pitch roof also means only one length of guttering is required to catch the water. In this way, the risk of water damage that may be caused by water settling on the roof is greatly reduced.

What to store in a shed

The single pitch roof of a pent shed gives more available space. As the tallest point of a pent shed is at the front taller items will need to be kept near the front. Longer items such as ladders can also be stored in the roof space of the shed.

Available garden space

The type of shed you buy could be determined by the space you intend to position it in. Pent roof sheds come into their own where an apex shed could be too tall, for example if the shed is going to be placed under the low hanging branches of a tree. Ideal for smaller gardens, the compact design of a pent shed allows it to sit comfortably against a wall or a fence.

Aesthetics of a pent shed

Considered more contemporary than the traditional apex shed, a pent shed offers sleeker lines allowing it to blend easily into its surroundings.

Wooden pent sheds from Sutton Sheds

We can supply and install a choice of pent sheds with double doors or pent sheds with a single door. Our single door pent sheds range from 7X5 to 16X10, while our double door models start at 8X6. Choose from a matching or loglap cladding finish, manufactured from tongue and groove redwood. All our rooves and floors are tongue and grooved, and the fully ledged and braced doors are finished with stylish alack hardware. If you are considering a wooden pent shed but can’t see your preferred size, please get in touch to discuss our custom build service.

About Sutton Sheds

With over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of quality Lincolnshire sheds, Sutton Sheds is a family run business. We use only high grade materials to produce the highest quality products and we will work with you to design your perfect shed. To discuss any aspect of sheds in Lincolnshire, simply email us or give our friendly team a call on 01526 342777.


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