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What is an apex shed?

What is an apex shed?

20 November 2023

An apex roof is a popular choice for a garden shed and, in this blog post, we focus on exactly what that is and whether it’s the right roof choice for you.

We have discussed What is a pent shed? in a previous blog post but here we look at another popular type of shed, the apex shed.

What is an apex shed?

Where a wooden pent shed features a flat, sloped roof, an apex shed has a peaked roof, with two sloping sides that come together in the middle at the highest point.

Characteristics of apex sheds

  • The construction of an apex shed creates a triangle-shaped roof which forms a ridge that runs along the length of the structure, down the centre.
  • The dual slope also forms two flat gable ends, one at the front and one at the back of the shed.
  • The door of an apex shed is usually positioned on one of the gable ends.

The benefits of an apex shed

  • Water run-off occurs on both sides of the roof equally (with a pent shed, the run-off is in one direction).
  • An apex shed offers greater headroom in the middle of the shed, beneath the ridge, rather than at the sides – this makes it easier for anyone wanting to work in the shed.
  • The height of the apex roof allows for long tools and equipment, such as ladders, to be stored easily.
  • The gradient of the roof removes the risk of water sitting on the shed which can lead to water damage and leaks.   
  • The symmetry of an apex shed gives it a more traditional aesthetic which some find more appealing than the more contemporary look of a pent shed.

What is a reverse apex shed?

With exactly the same peaked roof construction as a traditional apex shed, a design of a reverse apex shed is reversed. That is, where the sloping sides of an apex shed fall away to the sides of the shed, the sloping sides of the reverse apex shed slope towards the front and the back of the shed. Where the door of an apex shed is positioned on a flat gable end, the door of a reverse apex shed is positioned on the long side of the shed.

Apex sheds in Lincolnshire from Sutton Sheds

Our standard apex sheds are offered in a choice of popular sizes and can be supplied wit a single door or double doors. Our standard single door apex sheds range from 7X5 to 16X10 while our smallest standard double door apex shed is 8X8. Of course, if you are looking for a non-standard size or need a reverse apex shed, or bespoke specifications, we can work with you to custom-build to your exact requirements.

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