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Wooden pent sheds or apex sheds – which are better?

Wooden pent sheds or apex sheds – which are better?

05 February 2024

When buying a shed, do you know your wooden pent sheds from your apex sheds? Or if one is better than the other? This handy guide lists the pros and cons of each to help you decide the best shed for you.

The terms apex shed and pent shed refer specifically to the type of roof the shed has, and have no bearing on its construction or the materials used. Here, we look at the features of each, and highlight factors you should consider before choosing the shed for you.

The difference between a pent shed and an apex shed

Apex shedsapex sheds have a roof with two sloping sides that come together at an apex point in the middle. The ridge of the roof runs lengthways across the top of the shed, in the centre of the roof, and each end of the shed is called a gable end. The door of an apex shed is usually positioned in a gable end, where the head height is the greatest. However, when the door is positioned on the long side of the shed, it is called a reverse apex shed.

Pent sheds – the roof of a pent shed consists of a single sloping side, that runs from front to back of the shed. The gradient of a pent shed can vary from a slight slope to a steeper one, but it will always slope to allow rainwater run-off. Pent rooves are also known as mono-pitched or flat rooves. The door of a pent shed can be positioned at the front of the shed or on a side.

When purchasing a shed, there are certain factors that can vary between apex and pent sheds, and which you choose will be determined by your individual needs and preferences.


Water will run freely off either type of roof but, as apex sheds have two slopes, rainwater will run off it faster than off a pent shed, which has just the one slope. At Sutton Sheds, we use tongue and groove construction for all our roof types, which are then finished with a roofing felt that comes with a life expectancy of 10-15 years. This makes our shed rooves strong, long lasting and water resistant.

Head room

The head room in a shed is the vertical space between the highest point of the walls and the roof. Consequently, apex sheds have more head room than pent sheds, so consider what the shed will be used for as some activities may require taller ceilings.


The type of roof you choose can be influenced by what you will use the shed for – will it be used just for storage or will you be doing any work in it? An apex shed will give you the room to work in your shed whereas a pent shed is ideal for storage.  


Perhaps the biggest influence when choosing a wooden pent shed or an apex shed for your garden, is what it will look like and how its looks measure up to your own preferences. Apex sheds have a much more traditional aesthetic, while pent sheds are considered a more contemporary and modern option.

Position in the garden

Think about the available space you have and where you want your shed to be. The more compact nature of a pent roof shed lends itself to being positioned under trees or against a wall or fence – ideal for a smaller garden – whereas the height of an apex shed means it can hold a more prominent position.

Wooden pent sheds and apex sheds from Sutton Sheds

Whether you prefer a wooden pent shed or an apex shed, at Sutton Sheds we offer a wide choice of sizes in each option. We are also able to offer a comprehensive custom-build service where we can work with you to create the shed of your dreams, regardless of size or roof shape. So, if you are looking for sheds in Lincolnshire and want to work with a well-established, family firm please contact us by email or give our team a call on 01526 342777


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