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Why choose SuttonSheds?

14 February 2023

At SuttonSheds we pride ourselves on quality, starting with the timber. We build using excellent Scandinavian 4ths/5ths Redwood (please see our post on our timber choice), which is hand picked in the workshop to minimise defects.

We are proud to be a family-run business, with over 45 years of experience. You will find that a family member is always available in the workshop to greet you, show you the buildings on the showground as well as discussing your individual needs. In addition, a family member will be present throughout the manufacture and installation of your building, ensuring consistently high quality. 

Every building is built to order. This allows opportunity for your individual ideas and requirements to be met as we are able to customise the design with you. Similarly, doors and windows can also be placed to suit each customer and garden at no extra cost. We understand that every garden is unique and we enjoy working with you to create a building of your dreams. 

As well as striving to provide quality products, we also offer competitive pricing. 

We aim to please all of our customers and are delighted to have receive positive reviews.


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