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Maintaining your Sutton Shed

14 February 2023

The key to preserving your wooden shed is regular maintenance. Whether your shed is pressure treated or plain timber (with a preservative applied during manufacture), we recommend reapplying a coat of preservative annually. This ensures protection against the elements and most importantly UV rays which bleach the preservative. 

At SuttonSheds we use and recommend Protek 'Shed & Fence'. It is a water-based product with added wax additives for extra protection of a water resistant coating. It is easy to apply with a brush or sprayer and leaves a long lasting protective film, allowing the natural grain of your timber to show through.

 Our buildings are supplied with a polyester-based mineral felt, which provides a 10-15 year life expectancy. In order to keep your building watertight, you need to keep an eye out for bare patches which can occur over time. Ensuring that overhead branches in your garden are clear from your shed roof will help protect it from damage. 

Finally, adding guttering to catch rainwater will reduce splash back on the bottom boards, preserving both the cladding and floor joists. 



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