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How to maintain a timber shed

How to maintain a timber shed

21 February 2024

A new timber shed represents a significant purchase and, for many, can be considered something of a financial investment. Our latest guide explains how to maintain your shed to get the maximum life span from it.

The key to ensuring your shed lasts for as long as possible, in as good a condition as possible is to ensure it has strong foundations and to give it ongoing and regular care, maintenance and treatment, including taking care of its roof.

Timber shed foundations

Any structure is only as good as its foundations and this is particularly true for a garden shed. For it to last, your shed needs a solid foundation and our article What foundations do I need for my shed? has lots of help and guidance. At Sutton Sheds, we work with highly recommended contractors who can install suitable foundations to give you peace of mind.

Looking after your shed roof

At Sutton Sheds, all our structures, from our apex and pent sheds, to our timber garages, workshops and summer houses are supplied with a heavy-duty, quality polyester-based mineral felt. The roofing felt offers an average life expectancy of 10-15 years but to ensure your structure remains watertight, it is important to check the roof regularly. Inspect the roof for weather damage, rips and tears, and bare patches which can occur over time. Making sure your shed roof is clear of overhanging branches will help. The addition of guttering to drain rainwater away from the shed will reduce splash back on the bottom boards, preserving both the cladding and floor joists.

Protecting shed timber

At Sutton Sheds, we don’t use pressure treated timber for our sheds as the timber drying out process which occurs post manufacture, causes movement, shrinking, warping and cracking. Instead, all our timber receives an application of a water-based preservative product, during the manufacture of our buildings. The preservative penetrates the timber, giving long lasting protection and, unlike paint, it will not form a surface layer which can lead to deterioration. Wax additives in the treatment weatherproof the timber, making it water resistant, while allowing the natural grain of the timber to show.

Ongoing maintenance of timber sheds

Your shed will succumb to age and weather over time, so ongoing maintenance is essential. Remove dirt and any mould or stains that accumulate with a pressure washer on a gentle setting (this will not damage any exiting coatings that have been applied) and allow the shed to dry out completely before applying a wood preserver. A good wood preserver will protect against mould and insect damage, and acts as a wood primer. This can then be followed by a wood stain and protector or an application of wood oil for a more natural finish. We recommend, and use, the Protek range of wood treatment and preservative products, which are all water-based and which have a lower environmental impact thanks to its organic pigments.

Sheds in Lincolnshire from Sutton Sheds

We have been building wooden pent sheds and apex sheds, using quality materials for over 30 years. Our standard models include sheds, workshops, timber garages, potting sheds and summerhouses and if you have something in mind that you can’t find in our standard models, we offer a custom build service too. All our buildings are offered in a choice of colours from the Protek range of wood stains, or you can choose the natural beauty of the timber.

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