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Types of timber cladding for sheds

Types of timber cladding for sheds

14 December 2023

A guide to the different types of timber cladding available for sheds, what they are, and what we use here at Sutton Sheds.

What is timber cladding?

Timber cladding is the material used to build the walls, roof and floor of a wooden shed and it is made up of cut lengths of timber. The lengths of timber are machined to create different ‘profiles’, the name used to describe how the lengths of wood look. Cladding profiles offer different properties and the choice of profile will also determine the look of the finished shed. Where measurements are provided, these refer to the thickness of the individual cladding boards used.

Types of timber cladding profile

There are several types of timber cladding profile but, at Sutton Sheds, we use tongue and groove loglap cladding, and tongue and groove V-joint cladding.

Tongue and groove cladding – a tongue and groove board features a channel (the groove) along one edge and a ridge (the tongue) along the opposite edge. With V-joint cladding, the boards, which have perfectly smooth surfaces, are installed so that the tongue fits snugly in the groove to form a strong, flatter surface. This creates a shadow line at the joint that differentiates each board from the next. V-joint tongue and groove cladding is also known as matching or matchboard cladding. 

Loglap cladding – this style of cladding, as the name implies, features a rounded surface which creates a log effect, and lends a rustic aesthetic to finished wooden pent sheds and apex sheds. Each loglap cladding board connects to the next as above, but, as the cladding boards are thicker, the tongue and groove elements are stronger.

Timber used for cladding at Sutton Sheds

At Sutton Sheds, customers can choose from 20mm loglap, or 16mm V tongue and groove cladding boards, both manufactured from redwood pine. Redwood is an excellent choice for outdoor applications as it contains naturally occurring chemicals that offer rot, weather and insect resistance. A beautiful and durable timber, redwood offers structural integrity and is resistant to shrinking and warping.

Sutton Sheds producing quality Lincolnshire sheds for over 30 years

Sutton Sheds is a family run business that manufactures wooden pent sheds and apex sheds in a wide choice of sizes, from our workshop in Lincolnshire in your choice of 20mm loglap or 16mm matching board. All our sheds feature rooves and floors of 16mm matchboard cladding, and are finished with quality 20kg polyester roofing felt with a life expectancy of up to 15 years. All our timber sheds are treated with Protek preservative as standard, a water based product that protects against the elements, but that leaves the natural grain of the wood visible.   

Custom builds from Sutton Sheds

Each of our product descriptions includes a detailed specification to help you choose the perfect shed for your needs. However, if you have something in mind that requires a more bespoke, custom build, please do contact us by email or phone on 01526 342777.


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