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Bespoke sheds or ready made sheds – which are better?

Bespoke sheds or ready made sheds – which are better?

09 April 2024

We understand that every customer has a unique set of requirements when looking for a new garden structure and here we discuss the pros and cons of a bespoke structure compared to a ready-made one.

At Sutton Sheds, we have been manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of wooden pent sheds and apex sheds in Lincolnshire, in addition to other quality garden structures, for over 40 years. All of our products are available in ready made options but we also offer a complete, bespoke service where we can tailor our buildings to meet your exact needs. Here, we look at the pros and cons of each, to help you decide which is better for your needs.

Ready made sheds from Sutton Sheds

  • Unlike many suppliers of timber sheds, we do not hold any quantities of flat-packed stock for immediate delivery.
  • When an order is received by us, we will manufacture the item prior to delivery, exactly like our bespoke sheds; this enables us to offer customers a choice of where to position certain features, such as doors and windows, often for little or no extra cost.
  • All ready made structures are compliant with the planning permission regulations regarding dimensions (please see Does my shed need planning permission?).
  • We aim to deliver and install your shed within 4-6 weeks of receiving your order.
  • Cost – the price of your ready made structure, whether it is a garden shed, a potting shed, or a summerhouse is set according to its size, with different, fixed prices in place for variables such as window type (fixed or opening), vents, and door type.

Bespoke sheds from Sutton Sheds

  • The difference between our ready made range and our bespoke range of structures lies in their design and specifications. Our bespoke or custom builds are manufactured to a customer’s precise requirements.
  • When a customer has seen a design they would like, we will work with them to create their vision, and if they need a specific shape or size to accommodate a piece of equipment, such as a lawnmower.
  • Bespoke structures are the perfect solution where you have an odd-shaped plot or a modest space, that needs a structure with custom dimensions.
  • When creating a custom build for clients, we can incorporate features not included in our ready made range. These can include insulation, extra workbenches, storage or bespoke configurations for doors and extra windows.
  • If a different cladding profile is preferred, others are available for our bespoke service and we can offer a choice of glazing too.
  • Where a bespoke built structure requires planning permission, it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain this and of course, once a design has been approved and manufacture has begun, no alterations can be made.
  • We aim to deliver and install your bespoke shed within 6-8 weeks of receiving your order and the final design being approved.
  • Cost – the price of all our custom builds is reliant upon size, design, materials used and features incorporated, such as storage solutions.

Bespoke and ready made garden structures from Sutton Sheds

In our years of experience, we have created bespoke designs for sheds in Lincolnshire, as well as workshops, timber garages, potting sheds, and summerhouses. With many variations of our buildings available to view online, there are many more we can offer – if you can’t see it, but have something in mind, get in touch for a chat. Email us or call on 01526 342777.


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