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A guide to wood treatment and protection for your garden buildings

A guide to wood treatment and protection for your garden buildings

15 April 2024

All wooden garden buildings need treatment and protection against age-related and environmental wear and tear. Sheds are no exception so we’ve put together a handy guide to the wood treatment products we use.

The vast majority of new wooden garden buildings that are bought – whether pre-fabricated or bespoke built – will have been manufactured from pressure treated timber. At Sutton Sheds we do not use pressure treated timber for our wooden pent sheds, apex sheds or indeed any of our garden structures. Why we don’t use pressure treated timber for our sheds is very simple – our 35 years’ experience has shown us that as pressure treated timber dries out, it can shrink, warp and even crack causing significant damage and problems.

How to protect untreated timber

After construction, all our sheds, workshops, timber garages, potting sheds and summerhouses are treated with a high quality preservative. One coat is applied with a sprayer to provide a water-repellent coating. We use products from the Protek range of products and happily recommend them to customers for ongoing treatment of their structures.

Protek wood stain

Since the 1980s, when most of us were still using creosote to treat timber, Protek Wood Stain led the way in the development of wood treatments and preservatives that were water-based. They believed that timber preservatives didn’t need to be harmful to the environment and the company’s ethos has always been to supply products with a minimal environmental impact, that are manufactured in energy efficient ways, with organic pigments.

Protek Shed and Fence Wood Treatment

At Sutton Sheds, we recommend Protek Shed and Fence, which contains wax additives to give a water resistant coating. It can be applied with a brush or sprayer and one coat will colour and weather-proof, with subsequent coats adding depth of colour. It can be used to treat all our products and is ideal for use on planed and rough sawn timber. After manufacture and construction, all our Lincolnshire sheds and other wooden garden buildings are treated with a coat of the Protek trade range in a golden-brown colour.

Protek Royal Exterior Superior Wood Finish

If you would prefer a different colour for your building, Protek’s Royal Exterior range gives a soft lustre finish that allows the grain of the wood to show through. The treatment contains a mould and fungus inhibitor and will give year round protection. Quick-drying in just 24 hours, this is completely safe for use around children and pets and is low odour and low VOC (volatile organic compounds). Offered in almost 80 different colours, ranging from traditional oak to a more eye catching flamingo pink and everything in between, you will be spoiled for choice!

Sheds in Lincolnshire from Sutton Sheds

When you buy a standard wooden pent shed or apex shed from us, we do not deliver pre-manufactured components that you have to assemble and install yourself. Once you place an order with us, we will manufacture your shed or summerhouse or potting shed, workshop or timber garage and we will install it at your premises. Where our standard ranges do not offer the dimensions or configuration you are looking for, we will work with you to design and create a custom build to meet your exact needs. To find out more, please contact us by email or give the team a call on 01526 342777.


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