Does my shed need a base?

Your shed includes a timber floor boarded with tongued and grooved matching. It needs a firm level base to be sited on.The floor needs to sit on either concrete, slabs or floor bearers to ensure air can circulate under it.Prices for us to supply and construct a base are on the price list.For small garden sheds which are used to simply store garden tools and light items – floor bearers are adequate. For larger sheds or where heavy items are to be stored – a slab base is better.

Why are your sheds constructed with tongued and grooved ship lap?

We only use tongued and grooved boarding as the inter locking profile ensures the timber does not pull apart. Timber is a natural product and shrinks and swells with temperature and moisture fluctuations. Overlap boarding can easily pull apart creating gaps, whereas tongued and grooved boarding will not pull apart completely.

What sort of preservative do you use?

We use a spirit based preservative as standard on all our buildings. In our opinion this gives much better protection as it soaks into the timber rather than just coating the surface.

Is there a choice of colours for my building?

Yes – our standard colours in spirit based preservative are light or dark brown. Many other colours can be used but are usually only available in water based products. When different colours are required we use a good quality water based treatment as a second best option.

When will my building need re treating?

Your shed will have had one coat of treatment during manufacture. As with all timber products it will benefit from regular re-treatment.

Where do you deliver to?

We offer free delivery to areas within the shaded area on the map below, but we often travel further for minimal extra cost.

Free delivery area