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Potting sheds and greenhouses – what’s the difference and which are better?

Potting sheds and greenhouses – what’s the difference and which are better?

29 May 2024

A guide to potting sheds and greenhouses - the pros and cons of each, what they are used for and which is better for your garden.

The difference between a potting shed and a greenhouse

The primary difference between the two is the materials used for each. A greenhouse is almost entirely glazing – be that glass or plastic – which makes up the walls and roof of the structure, which is secured to a framework of metal or wood. A potting shed, by contrast, is a timber building featuring a large area, usually on one side only, of glazing to allow light to flood into the shed.

Potting sheds and greenhouses also differ in how they are used. While both have a part to play in the propagation, cultivation and growing of plants, potting sheds also serve a storage purpose. On top of providing a sheltered place to care for your plants, potting sheds will house your gardening equipment and tools.

The pros and cons of a greenhouse

While generally cheaper than a potting shed, greenhouses are prone to damage – the glazing will inevitably succumb to breakages. For the gardener wanting to produce as many plants as possible, a greenhouse is perfect – your plants will love the heat! Greenhouses are available in a variety of sizes but tend to be less enduring and not as robust as a potting shed. Great in the heat when the glazing lets maximum light and warmth in, a greenhouse does require a lot of maintenance in colder seasons – a heating system will be needed, and plants will need to be protected from frosts.

The pros and cons of a potting shed

A quality, well-crafted potting shed will be more expensive than a greenhouse but they are stronger, more durable and long lasting, and need less ongoing maintenance. Timber walls provide a more robust structure and will also retain what little heat there is during winter months. The storage provided by a potting shed cannot be ignored either, and with a potting bench and room for shelving, the amateur gardener has everything they need at their fingertips.

A great way to look at a potting shed is as the perfect combination of greenhouse and garden shed, and where your outdoor space doesn’t allow for both, a potting shed is the perfect solution. But what should you look for when buying one?

Features of a good potting shed

In an ideal world, your potting shed will provide you with three areas – one where you can tend your plants, an area for storage and a space to sit and relax! Look for a potting shed that will accommodate storage solutions such as shelving and hanging hooks to take larger pieces of equipment. The potting bench should be at the correct height to avoid backache, with storage beneath. ‘What makes a good potting shed?’ has lots more features to look out for.

Wooden potting sheds from Sutton Sheds

At Sutton Sheds, we do not supply potting sheds – we manufacture them. All our timber potting sheds are handcrafted in a choice of redwood cladding profiles. Our standard range is manufactured to order in 5 popular sizes, from 7x5 up to 10x8, and finished to the highest specification with a fixed potting bench, quality roof felt and a hasp and staple fastening.

The benefits of a Sutton Sheds potting shed

As manufacturers of wooden potting sheds in Lincolnshire, we are able to offer a completely bespoke service to our customers. Our custom builds can be tailored to your exact requirements – we can design the interior to give you everything you need from shelving to additional access.  This same service is offered across all our garden structures, including summerhouses, timber garages, workshops and garden sheds (both apex and pent). To find out more, call us on 01526 342777 or email us today.


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