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Everything you need to know about bespoke summerhouses

Everything you need to know about bespoke summerhouses

28 June 2024

A look into the benefits of a summerhouse and why a bespoke summerhouse could be even better for you.

A wooden summerhouse can transform not only your garden but your life too! But what are the benefits of a bespoke or custom-built summerhouse over a readymade model?

Benefits of a standard summerhouse

  • Summerhouses can be enjoyed year-round, withstanding the harshest of weather conditions. Whether you enjoy entertaining in the summer months or crave a hideaway in the winter, a timber summerhouse will deliver!
  • Summerhouses make great multifunctional rooms, and can combine an entertainment space with a games area or even a work-from-home space.
  • Summerhouses provide perfect extra space for growing families. Older children and teenagers can benefit from having their own space away from Mum and Dad and of course parents can enjoy an evening free from loud music or rowdy voices!
  • Summerhouses will add to the aesthetic of your outdoor space, adding a charming rustic feel to any garden.
  • Summerhouses add value to your quality of life by providing an extra space that can be enjoyed by family and friends. They may also add financial value to your property!

Standard timber summerhouses in Lincolnshire

At Sutton Sheds, we have been handcrafting our wooden summerhouses for over 45 years. We offer a standard range of 4 different styles each in a choice of four sizes, with something to suit every type of garden and home. Although these summerhouses have a standard configuration, they are not held in stock flat-packed. Each of our garden buildings and structures is manufactured to order only so you can have complete peace of mind that your summerhouse hasn’t been stored for months ahead of being delivered.

Benefits of a bespoke summerhouse

  • Commissioning a bespoke, custom built summerhouse allows you to have the configuration you need to meet your exact requirements. If your garden or the space for your summerhouse is long and narrow, for example, your summerhouse can be manufactured to fit.
  • As well as choosing the size you need, you can decide on the layout that will maximise the space for you.
  • Where you have a specific purpose in mind for the structure, a bespoke build will give you the ability to create a dedicated space to suit the functionality you need. 
  • A custom build allows you to have a garden building that will match the style of your home, complementing its aesthetic.
  • A bespoke summerhouse will let you make your vision a reality without having to compromise what you have envisioned.

Bespoke summerhouses in Lincolnshire

Whether you want a Georgian summerhouse with roof overhang or a corner summerhouse with frosted glass, at Sutton Sheds we can turn your vision into a reality. Using only the highest quality materials, our skilled tradesmen will work with you to achieve the perfect summerhouse. We can build to your own design, or work with you on the design.

To find out more about our custom built garden buildings, contact us by email or phone on 01526 342777, to see how we can help.