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A guide to summerhouses

A guide to summerhouses

20 May 2024

One of the most versatile garden buildings, a summerhouse is a lifestyle product, great for entertaining, relaxing or for use as a home office space. Our guide will help you choose the perfect one for your garden.

Wooden summerhouses aren’t just for summer! At Sutton Sheds, we believe that a summerhouse is perfect for year-round use, and so much more than a glorified shed. But what can you use them for, what types are available and where should you position one? Read on for all the answers.

What can you use a wooden summerhouse for?

How you use your summerhouse is limited only by your imagination and whether you need a place to work or a place to entertain, a summerhouse can fit the bill. At Sutton Sheds, our customers have used their summerhouses for everything from a home office to a home gym. Ideal for extending your living space and for enjoying your outside area whatever the weather, a summerhouse is ideal for creating an entertainment space in your garden.

How big should a summerhouse be?

Once you know what your summerhouse will be used for, it can be easier to decide how big you’d like it to be. Available space in your garden will be a factor and Sutton Shed standard summerhouses are available in 4 sizes, with each of our product descriptions including a detailed specification and floor plan. Of course, if you are looking for a ‘non-standard’ size, we can design a custom build to suit your exact needs.

Planning permission for a summerhouse

Provided your summerhouse is not used as sleeping accommodation and will be used for domestic purposes only, it should be considered a permitted development. However, there are circumstances where this will not be the case including listed buildings and designated land. Our blog post Does my shed need planning permission? will help.

Where to position a summerhouse

Consider how you will use the summerhouse – do you need it to be close to the house, for example if you will be using it a lot? How exposed your garden is and whether you would prefer the summerhouse to be shaded or in direct sun should also be considered. If positioning it under the shade of trees, for example, will branches or leaves fall onto the roof, potentially causing damage over time? In areas of heavy rainfall, does your garden have any spots where standing water can accumulate? Avoid these as rotting could occur over time.

What styles of summerhouse are there?

Our standard wooden summerhouses are available with an apex roof or a pent roof. The roof of an apex summerhouse slopes upwards and meets in a ridge that runs the length of the building. A pent roof summerhouse has a single slope that runs from front to back. However, you may want an overhanging roof or a corner summerhouse (5-sided which will sit neatly in a corner to make effective use of an otherwise dead space) or another feature not included in our standard models. In this case, we can design a summerhouse that meets all your requirements as a custom build.

What foundations does a summerhouse need?

As with sheds, your summerhouse will need a foundation base strong enough to bear the weight of the structure and its contents. Options include concrete, paving slabs, or timber frames. We do not offer bases for our structures but we can recommend skilled and trusted tradespeople who can help with this. To find out more read What foundations do I need for my shed?

Insulating your summerhouse

To get the most from your summerhouse and to use it all year round, have it insulated. This will help with temperature control, giving year-round comfort and a functional space in the coldest weather. Our summerhouses come without insulation as standard, but we offer a choice between fleece-backed insulated material or insulation boards. Walls, rooves and floors can be insulated.

Wooden summerhouses from Sutton Sheds

A wooden summerhouse can transform your outdoor area and provide much needed extra space. At Sutton sheds all our summerhouses, whether custom built or chosen from our standard range, are manufactured by us in our Lincolnshire workshops. We do not hold any stock of ready-to-install structures and we use only quality timber from sustainable sources, and employ traditional construction methods. We have been manufacturing wooden pent sheds, apex sheds, summerhouses and much more for over 45 years and all our products are built to your specifications. If you would like to find out more about any of our timber garden structures, contact us by email or phone on 01526 342777.