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A guide to garden workshops

A guide to garden workshops

20 June 2024

From the enthusiastic DIY-er to the professional carpenter, having access to a wooden workshop in the garden offers so many benefits and advantages. Read on to find out more!

What is a wooden garden workshop?

A garden workshop is a structure that can be used for a host of both hobby and professional activities, such as woodworking or modelmaking and crafting.

Is a workshop just a big garden shed?

The short answer is no, a wooden workshop is much more than a garden shed! Of course, a workshop can be used just for storage but more often than not, it is a dedicated space for specific activities. They can be used for large-scale projects and will accommodate large pieces of equipment and machinery.

How a workshop is different from a shed

Where a garden workshop and a shed are often made from wood, a workshop will be stronger, made from heavy-duty materials and fixings, with a more substantial framework. Generally larger than a shed, often starting from 10x6 or 10x8, a garden workshop will have windows to give natural light and aid air circulation.  

Things to consider when choosing a wooden workshop

  • Size – it is important to remember that a workshop will be bigger than a shed. Timber workshops will generally offer a more generous head height than a shed and will feature full-height, double doors for ease of access. Wherever possible, always choose a larger workshop than you think you need! You need sufficient space to move around and work, with an area for a workbench and storage, and you may want an area where you can do admin and paperwork. 
  • Position – this is key! As workshops are bigger than sheds, and may be used for activities involving machinery or loud equipment, how close it will be to your house is important too. Likewise, if your hobby requires a quiet environment, consider proximity to busy roads or neighbours.
  • Planning permission – the majority of timber workshops will not require planning permission and at Sutton Sheds, our structures fall within permitted guidelines. However, it is your responsibility to check this before you have a workshop installed. Does my shed need planning permission? has lots of advice and you can check more thoroughly for your exact location on the Government Planning Portal.
  • Reputable suppliers – always choose a well-established manufacturer with a proven track record for quality and reliability (check reviews and customer testimonials) that offers excellent industry knowledge and craftmanship.

The benefits of a garden workshop

  • A workshop allows you to pursue your hobby or business without any distractions, and can be more cost-effective than renting a workshop.
  • For those running a business from their workshop, the money saved from not having to commute can be directed back into the business.
  • If the workshop is to be used for business purposes, you may be able to claim some of your costs as business expenses – see the Government website to find out.
  • Year-round use – a well-insulated timber workshop, perhaps with a heater, can be used 52 weeks of the year, allowing you to enjoy your hobby or continue your business whatever the weather.

Heavy duty timber workshops from Sutton Sheds

Our timber workshops give you extra height (an eaves height of 6’6” rising to 8’ at the ridge). They are constructed with a thicker framework and finished with heavy-duty fastenings for extra security. The use of A-frame trusses creates a strong and durable roof, which we finish with a quality, polyester felt. Our standard workshops are available in 10 sizes, with an apex roof, but each is made to order at our Lincolnshire based premises and no flat-packed structures are held in stock. Where you need a different size or a specific interior configuration, we offer a completely bespoke, custom build service that allows you to design exactly what you need.

If you are looking for garden workshops or sheds in Lincolnshire, we can help. With over 45 years’ experience, our family-run business uses only high quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques. To find out more contact us by email or give us a call on 01526 342777 today.


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